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Short Bio


  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators at Teknoos (2008-2010)
  • Security Developer / Pentester at Talos (2015-now)

Research Topics by Keywords


3) S. Aonzo, A. Merlo, G. Tavella, Y. Fratantonio. “Phishing Attacks on Modern Android”, in Proc. of the 25th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2018), Toronto, Canada.

2) S. Aonzo, A. Merlo, M. Migliardi, L. Oneto, F. Palmieri. “Low-Resource Footprint, Data-driven Malware Detection on Android”, IEEE Trans. on Sustainable Computing, Vol. PP, no. 99, pp. 1-1, DOI: 10.1109/TSUSC.2017.2774184

1) S. Aonzo, G. Lagorio, A. Merlo. “RmPerm: a Tool for Android Permissions Removal”, in Proc. of the 14th International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT 2017), Madrid, Spain.

Teaching Activity

Degree Course Taught From: (a.y.) To: (a.y.) Tot. yrs.
B.Sc. Computer Engineering Calcolatori Elettronici 2017 now 1
      B.Sc. Computer Engineering   Lab. di Progettazione e Analisi di Algoritmi 2017 now 1
B.Sc. Computer Science Sviluppo Applicazioni Web 2017 now 1
Master in Cybersecurity Mobile Security 2017 now 1