TITLE: Adversarial Machine Learning

SPEAKER: prof. Fabio Roli (Università di Cagliari)

WHEN: Friday, May 18, 2018 at 11:00

WHERE: Sala Conferenze DIBRIS, III piano, stanza 326bis, di Via Dodecaneso 35

ABSTRACT: This talk aims to introduce the fundamentals of adversarial machine learning by a well-structured review of recently-proposed techniques to assess the vulnerability of machine-learning algorithms to adversarial attacks (both at training and test time), and some of the most effective countermeasures proposed to date. We report clear application examples including object recognition in images, biometric identity recognition, spam and malware detection. This talk is an excerpt of a larger tutorial that I’m offering in different places (https://www.pluribus-one.it/sec-ml/wild-patterns).

Short bio of the speaker: Fabio Roli is a Full Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Cagliari, Italy, and Director of the Pattern Recognition and Applications laboratory (http://pralab.diee.unica.it/) that he founded from scratch in 1995 and it is now a world-class research lab with 30 staff members, including five tenured Faculty members. He has been doing research on the design of pattern recognition systems for thirty years. Prof. Roli has published 81 journal articles and more than 250 conference articles on pattern recognition and machine learning and many of his papers are frequently cited. His current h-index is 56 according to Google Scholar (April 2018), and his papers collected 11007 citations. He has been appointed Fellow of the IEEE and Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition. He was the President of the Italian Group of Researchers in Pattern Recognition and the Chairman of the IAPR Technical Committee on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition. He was a member of NATO advisory panel for Information and Communications Security, NATO Science for Peace and Security (2008 – 2011).